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The pediped® Footwear System - Originals®

Children’s feet need to last them a lifetime, so it’s important to start taking care of them from birth. That’s why pediped® designed the pediped® footwear system to protect your child’s feet—all the way from crawling to those first amazing steps and into childhood.  



pediped Originals® are the first step in the pediped® footwear system and the best first shoes your child will ever wear. When children learn to walk, they tend to shuffle, so it is important for their feet to feel the floor. Doctors recommend shoes with soft leather soles because they most closely mimic barefoot walking and do not force children to change their natural stride.

Originals® feature soft, flexible leather soles and a roomy toebox so feet can move, grip, and feel the floor. This way, little feet can grow properly and develop strength, musculature, and the grasping action of the toes. Originals® closely resemble the natural shape of the foot and are so comfortable your child will not want to take them off!

We encourage children to stay in Originals® as long as possible, but once your child is walking, he or she can transition to Grip ‘n’ Go

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